A comprehensive conducting text with
a focus on wind literature...

Methods and Materials
for Conducting

Douglas Stotter


Ideal for a beginning conducting or instrumental conducting class, Methods and Materials for Conducting is a classroom text and excerpt book all in one. Central to this book are excerpts of 46 wind band classics, chosen to highlight specific issues and presented in score reduction form ideal for use in a small class.

This manual provides an easy-to-follow, systematic, and progressive explanation of physical technique. The chapters can be used in any order with multiple combinations of excerpts depending on the goals of the class.

Because the focus is on band classics, future band teachers/conductors immediately begin their familiarization with the very best literature available, running the gamut from Bach and Mozart to Grainger and Bernstein. All music students will benefit because the musical selections are of such universally recognized high quality.

Part 1 focuses on technique: podium posture and stance, conducting in various meters, pick-ups and releases, fermatas, changing meters, asymmetrical meters, use of the left hand, and changing dynamics and tempo. Part 2 contains the excerpted
literature, and Part 3 gives the instructor further guidance on possible course structure.

Douglas Stotter, who has taught conducting for 20 years, is Director of Bands, Associate Professor of Music, and Coordinator of Winds and Percussion at the University of Texas—Arlington.

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Edition # Title
G-6736 Methods and Materials for Conducting
With Forty-Six Standard Instrumental Selections