Liam Lawton

Liturgical composer and performer Liam Lawton, who recently achieved acclaim in secular markets for his popular recording Another World, has just released his second EMI recording, Time. Lawton skillfully paints the Celtic spirit using lush orchestration and poetic texts. Songs like “Diamond in the Dark,” “Believe,” and “Far Beyond” will light an ember of hope in your heart. Like a pastorale, the lyrical quality and tenderness of melody coupled with the soothing voice of Liam Lawton will take you soaring off to a picturesque landscape and positively suspend you in Time.

Time is imported to the U.S. from Ireland, and there are no current plans for a printed music collection.

Listen to Tracks :
Believe Ever Have the Time Diamond in the Dark There is a Place Room in Your Heart How Can I Heal Your Broken Heart If You Listen Glendalough Glendalough Theme The Silence & the Sorrow Far Beyond As You Go

Edition # Title
CD-669 Time - CD