A Tribute to Frederick Fennell

Robert Simon

"For over seven decades, Frederick Fennell has been America's Ambassador of music around the world. I have loved his editions and recordings since I first played them in high school. It was an honor to have him conduct the Marine Band as President and I congratulate him on this richly deserved lifetime achievement tribute and award."

— The Hon. William J. Clinton
42nd President of the United States

Every generation produces a handful of rare individuals with natural talent for, and unwavering dedication to, their art. One such case is the American-born, international conductor Frederick Fennell.

This volume spans his remarkable career from his humble beginnings in Cleveland, Ohio, to his emergence as one of the most significant conductors, recording pioneers, and music educators in the world.

This collection of writings and more than 100 photographs from the maestro's colleagues and students demonstrates his sensitive, perceptive, and enthusiastic approach to leadership and his profound influence on the profession.

A wonderful tribute to one of the true greats, beautifully produced, this book is worthy of any coffee table or personal library.

Edition # Title
G-6532 Fennell
A Tribute to Frederick Fennell


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