Creating the Special World: A Collection of Lectures

Weston H. Noble

Edited by Steven M. Demorest with a
Foreword by Paul Salamunovich

"I have always admired Weston's ability to translate his artistry into clear and compelling language. Even in discussing the more technical aspects, he never loses sight of the ultimate goal: to change lives through the power of music....Thousands, young and old, have been touched by Weston Noble through an All-State or Festival clinic, and still remember their encounter with the special world of choral music. By becoming a servant of the music, he demonstrates that conductors can allow music to speak through them clearly and purely."

— Paul Salamunovich, in the Foreword

Creating the Special World is a collection of lectures that epitomize the teachings of Weston Noble, one of the most influential leaders in choral music of the past 55 years. His enthusiasm for his life’s work emanates from the pages, providing insight into his artistry. A palpable energy positively leaps from each page.

The ten insightful lectures are divided into four main sections: “The Special World of Choral Music,” “Choral Pedagogy,” “Stylistic Awareness,” and “Choral Music: A Retrospective.” Noble discusses the first time he realized the power of music, the effect it has had on his students, and how it has inspired him and others to reach for further levels of mastery.

Noble also covers the technical aspects of diction, rhythm, and historical stylistic practices. These lectures present what could be confusing material in a clear and concise fashion.

Choral conductors at all levels, those with a great love of music, and anyone who has experienced Weston Noble’s brilliance and humanity, will benefit from this book, written by a legendary musical force. A must read!

Edition # Title
G-6529 Creating the Special World
A Collection of Lectures by Weston H. Noble