Radiating Christ

The Music of C. Alexander Peloquin

Even if you are too young to remember the man, you have at least felt the influence of Alexander Peloquin in the world of liturgical music. His innovative style and love of sacred song shined through his compositions, transforming music in liturgy after the Second Vatican Council. His “Gloria of the Bells” was one of the most widely sung pieces of its day and is still popular now, as it is sure to be for many generations to come.

This commemorative recording will touch the hearts of people who remember Dr. Peloquin and will surely delight those who are being introduced to his music for the first time. Recorded under the direction of Rev. Anthony Mancini, Peloquin’s successor at the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Providence, Rhode Island, this CD features the talents of many of Dr. Peloquin’s former musical colleagues.

CONTENTS: A Prayer for Us (G-1982) • Gloria of the Bells (G-1785) • Faith, Hope, and Love (G-5771) • Lord Jesus, Come (G-1880) • The Good Shepherd (G-2004) • If Today You Hear His Voice (G-2602) • People Matter (G-2480) • Communion Rite from Unless You Become (G-2364) • For Your Love’s Sake (G-2484) • I Cieli Immensi • Prayer of Self-Offering (G-2146) • Joy • Now in the Name of Him • Today Is Born Our Savior (G-2199) • Wedding Song • I Believe That My Redeemer Lives (G-1635) • Ave Verum Corpus • Radiating Christ (G-2877).

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CD-604 Radiating Christ - CD
Remembering Alexander Peloquin