Move It!

Expressive Movements with
Classical Music for all ages

Peggy Lyman and John M. Feierabend

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Preschool/Early Elementary Accessories

John M. Feierabend, renowned lecturer and researcher in the field of music education, and Peggy Lyman, acclaimed dancer and dance educator, join forces to create Move It!—a vibrant and innovative approach to teaching young children and students of all ages the joy of moving to classical music!

This package combines a DVD, guidebook, and audio CD to present 20 imaginative dances set to classical works from Brahms's "Waltz in A-flat" to Prokofiev's "Romeo and Juliet."

The adaptable choreography is perfect for early childhood specialists, elementary music teachers, and dance educators for use with children of all ages, as well as senior citizens and the physically challenged. The movements reflect both the form and the expressive quality of the music, embodying Feierabend's theories of music and movement development and Lyman's belief in the emotional power of gesture.

Understanding the organization of movement sequences, exploring personal and general space relating to others, and discovering inner feelings connected to beautifully expressive musical selections and movements—all of this can be achieved with Move It! An approach as fun and expressive as it is educational!

Peggy Lyman is an acclaimed Principal Dancer and restager of the Martha Graham repertory.

John M. Feierabend is considered one of the leading authorities on music and movement development.

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DVD-549 Move It! Expressive Movements with Classical Music for All Ages - DVD
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