A Wee Worship Book

Iona Community

Revised and republished by popular demand, A Wee Worship Book from the Iona Community is ready in its fourth edition.

This edition includes five morning liturgies, two daytime liturgies, five evening liturgies, two eucharistic liturgies, one liturgy with prayers for healing, and fourteen chants (full music versions) appropriate to the liturgies.

The introductory section also provides hints on how to best use the liturgies with guidelines for planning, leadership, and environment, as well as suggestions for use of music, the Bible, conversations, and symbolic action.

A Wee Worship Book has been used extensively worldwide by lay leaders, bishops, youth groups, house groups-absolutely everyone and anyone exploring transforming, creative, and participative worship. This is the one you've been waiting for!

Edition # Title
G-4425 Wee Worship Book, A