This Very Morning

Rory Cooney, Gary Daigle, Theresa Donohoo

This profound collection for Palm Sunday, Triduum, and Easter, deeply infused with the passion of the season, evolves from the worship in the parishes where Rory Cooney and Gary Daigle have served over the years.

"Trumpet in the Morning," Rory Cooney's highly inspirational hymn for the millennium, is set to the haunting strains of an early-American melody. The text draws on jubilee imagery, especially from the book of Leviticus, but its point of view is distinctly modern.

New hymns resound with the emotions of the season, including the solemn strains of Good Friday's "Precious Blood" and the truly uplifting title song, "This Very Morning." Also included is a new concertato arrangement of Suzanne Toolan's classic, "I Am the Bread of Life."

Highlights of this collection include a stirring acclamation for baptism that has been expanded into a song for the sprinkling of the assembly. There is an upbeat "Litany of Saints" to accompany the baptismal procession to the font, appropriately based on "When the Saints Go Marchin' In" and incorporating the refrain from that enduring spiritual.

Contents: Trumpet in the Morning (G-4970) Quiet Strength (G-5011) Palm Sunday Processional (G-5012) Lenten Gospel Acclamation (G-5013) Precious Blood (G-5014) Fraction Rite and Table prayer (G-5015) Concertato on "I Am the Bread of Life" Psalm 31: I Place My Life (G-3613) Genesis Reading for the Great Vigil (G-5018) Psalm 118 (Gospel Acclamation) for the Great Vigil, with Easter Gospel of John (G-5019) A Litany of Saints (G-5020) You Have Put on Christ (G-5021) This Very Morning (G-5022).

Edition # Title
CD-431 This Very Morning - CD
CS-431 This Very Morning - Cassette
Included In These Collections
G-5010 This Very Morning
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