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GIA Series Sampler: Morehouse College Choral Series G-9432 Morehouse $10.00
Broad Match Results
'Tis Good, Lord, to Be Here
Johann M. Speiss
Arr. Paul J. Monachino
G-9052 Choral $2.00
A Beautiful Thing
Jane Marshall G-5143 Choral $1.80
A Blessing
Unison or SATB, assembly
Margaret Rizza G-6209 Choral $1.40
A Blessing
2-3 mixed voices
Carla J. Giomo G-5673 Choral $1.40
A Blessing
William Ferris G-2265 Choral $0.40
A Call to New Life | Printed Edition
Kenneth Dake G-8181 Choral $2.25
A Call to New Life | Download Edition Kenneth Dake D-8181 Choral $2.25
A Celtic Rune
2 mixed voices; SB
Harold Owen G-5802 Choral $1.40
A Choral Blessing
William M. Schoenfeld G-8203 Choral $1.80
A Choral Irish Blessing
SATB divisi
Nicholas Palmer G-9133 Choral $1.80
A Day for Celebration
Noël Goemanne G-2729 Choral $1.75
A Gaelic Blessing
May the Road Rise to Meet You
SATB, solo
Bernard Sexton G-5897 Choral $1.40
A Grain of Wheat
Donald J. Reagan G-3105 Choral $0.90
A House Not Made with Hands
Daniel C. Meyer G-4438 Choral $1.10
A House of Prayer for All People
Carlton R. Young G-7989 Choral $1.80
A Lenten Prayer
2 mixed voices
A solemn Lenten classic.
Hal H. Hopson G-3427 Choral $1.80
A Light Surprises
John W. Becker G-9244 Choral $2.00
A Mountain Psalm
Alice Parker G-6267 Choral $1.60
A Place Called Home
SATB; Assembly
Jean Sibelius
Arr. J. Michael Joncas
G-9114 Choral $2.15
A Place Called Home
SATB; Assembly
Jean Sibelius
Arr. J. Michael Joncas
G-9279 Choral $2.15
A Prayer for Peace
Eugene Englert G-2399 Choral $0.60
A Prayer for the Church
Zebulon M. Highben G-8408 Choral $1.80
A Prayer of Self-Offering
Cantor or unison
C. Alexander Peloquin G-2146 Choral $1.40
A Radical Thought: Let Us Love One Another
Jeremy Young G-3070 Choral $2.15
A Simple Prayer
It's simple, it's prayerful, it's tuneful, it has a lovely accompaniment.
Nancy Holtom G-6280 Choral $1.50
A Song of Hope - Choral score
SATB; children's choir
John Ferguson G-3891 Choral $1.10
A Song of Praise
This straightforward anthem based on Psalm 136 contains lots of rhythmic interest.
Bob Burroughs G-6383 Choral $1.50
A Sower Came from Ancient Hills
G-5074 Choral $1.50
A Time for Everything
Noël Goemanne G-2380 Choral $0.60
A Time of Jubilee
SATB; Cantors; Solos; Assembly
J. Michael Joncas G-8440 Choral $2.35

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