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Aspiring to Excel: Leadership Initiatives for Music Educator
Leadership Initiatives for Music Educator
Kenneth R. Raessler G-5789 Book $29.95
Beyond Strumming, Book 1 Stephen Petrunak / Kathleen Felong G-4756 Book $19.95
Beyond Strumming, Book 2 Stephen Petrunak / Kathleen Felong G-4770 Book $17.50
Beyond Strumming, Book 3 Stephen Petrunak / Kathleen Felong G-4861 Book $19.95
Choral Precision
C. Alexander Peloquin G-0953 Book $5.00
Choral Precision
C. Alexander Peloquin G-0954 Book $2.50
Confessions of a First-Year Maestro
A Guide for Your First Year of Teaching
Catherine Bell Robertson G-5960 Book $24.95
Correct Pronunciation of Latin according to Roman Usage, The G-1798 Book $9.00
Give Your Gifts - 40 More Prayer Services
for Young People
Kelley, SSJ, Mary Kay / Catherine Johnson / Michael Schabert G-5437 Book $27.95
Grail, The Psalms
1993 Version
The original 1983 edition.
Grail Community G-4044 Book $11.95
Great Stories and Songs
John O'Brien / Various G-5781 Book $24.95
Gregorian Semiology Eugene Cardine G-4266 Book $29.00
Guide to Gelineau Psalmody J. Robert Carroll G-1247 Book $4.00
Handbook for Creative Church Musicians
A Practical Guide to Composition and Arranging
Harold Owen G-5512 Book $26.95
Heart of the Matter, The Paul Westermeyer G-5582 Book $7.95
Herbie Goes to the Carnival Judy Thompson G-3869 Book $26.95
Herbie Has a Birthday Judy Thompson G-3867 Book $26.95
Herbie's Halloween Judy Thompson G-3868 Book $26.95
History of American Catholic Hymnals Donald Boccardi G-4723 Book $24.95
I Will Sing Forever David Haas G-5649 Book $11.95
Increase Our Faith, Year B David Haas G-6815 Book $24.95
Introducing a New Hymnal James Rawlings Sydnor G-3283 Book $12.95
Journey of the Sacred
St. John of the Cross
Rosemary Bleuher / Various G-5625 Book $6.95
Journey of the Sacred
St. Teresa of Avila
Rosemary Bleuher / Various G-5768 Book $6.95
Manual on Hymn Playing
Educator and organist Dr. David Heller explores the techniques of good hymn playing on a step-by-step basis.
David A. Heller G-3642 Book $23.00
Musical Aptitude Study Edwin E. Gordon G-2439 Book $9.95
Musical Notation for Latin Liturgical Manuscripts, The Abbaye de Solesmes G-4265 Book $41.00
Musician's Spirit, The
Connecting to Others through Story
James Jordan G-5866 Book $32.95
Musigraphs: Rehearsal Warmups for Band, Chorus, Orchestra
Music Graphs (Musigraphs)
Alyn Heim G-2434 Book $3.50
Parish Cantor, The
Helping Catholics Pray in Song
Michael Connolly G-3626 Book $11.95

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