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I Shall Not Live in Vain
Thomas LaVoy G-9576 Evoking Sound $2.35
Psalmo: Quoniam videbo caelos
SATB double choir
Cortlandt Matthews G-9564 Evoking Sound $2.65
Am Neujahrstage
On New Year's Day
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy G-9563 Evoking Sound $2.20
Open the World
Peace on Earth
SATB divisi
R. Douglas Helvering G-9562 Evoking Sound $2.35
The Conductor as Prism
The Power of Metaphor in Artistry
James Jordan G-9533 Evoking Sound $21.95
Hiraeth - TTBB edition
Roger Ames G-9477 Evoking Sound $2.45
O Rex Gentium
O King of the Nations
Peter Relph G-9476 Evoking Sound $2.45
Ave Maria
Francisco Guerrero G-9429 Evoking Sound $2.35
Hiraeth - SATB edition
Roger Ames G-9422 Evoking Sound $2.45
Al Hanissim
In Honor of Miracles
Robert Solomon
Arr. Roger Ames
G-9426 Evoking Sound $2.35
O salutaris hostia
SATB divisi
Michael Waldenby G-9366 Evoking Sound $2.20
Benedicamus Domino
SATB divisi
Michael Waldenby G-9367 Evoking Sound $2.20
Christmas Cantata
Et in terra pax
SATB; Soprano Solo; Alto Solo; Tenor Solo; Bass Solo
Roger Ames G-9283 Evoking Sound $6.00
O Great Beyond
SATB divisi; Soprano Solo
Thomas LaVoy G-9288 Evoking Sound $3.75
Ich bin die Auferstehung
Ostern Motette / Easter Motet
Albert Becker G-9286 Evoking Sound $2.20
Befiehl dem Herrn deine Wege
Motette zum Jahreswechsel / Motet for the New Year
Albert Becker G-9285 Evoking Sound $2.35
Komm, Heiliger Geist
Pfingstmotette / Pentecost Motet
Albert Becker G-9287 Evoking Sound $2.20
Love Songs by Johannes Brahms
Johannes Brahms G-9263 Evoking Sound $3.05
A Brahms Suite
Johannes Brahms G-9264 Evoking Sound $3.05
Missa Brevis San Francesco d’Assisi - Kyrie
Anthony Bernarducci G-9262 Evoking Sound $2.00
Lauda Sion Salvatorem
SATB double choir
Tomás Luis de Victoria G-9261 Evoking Sound $2.55
Tenebrae lumini
SATB divisi
Peter Relph G-9249 Evoking Sound $2.35
O Sapientia
O Wisdom
SATB Double Choir
Peter Relph G-9191 Evoking Sound $2.55
SSAATTBB; Tenor Solo
Peter Relph G-9165 Evoking Sound $2.35
The Dream I Knew
SATB divisi
Thomas LaVoy G-9078 Evoking Sound $2.35
Modest Needs
Blake R. Henson G-8217 Evoking Sound $2.35
Volverlo a Ver
SSA divisi
Blake R. Henson G-8216 Evoking Sound $2.45
Sleep, My Child
SATB divisi
Brian A. Schmidt G-9051 Evoking Sound $2.20
SATB divisi; Soli Section; Soprano Solo
David Ross Lawn G-9037 Evoking Sound $2.20
The Same Stream
SATB divisi
Thomas LaVoy G-9035 Evoking Sound $2.65

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