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Ah, Holy Jesus
Haunting bass in accompaniment suggests “the stripes and the cruelty laid on Jesus.”
/ Robert Seymour Bridges
Arr. Hal H. Hopson
G-5791 Choral $2.00
Jesus, You Brought Me All the Way
SATB; Solo
A high-energy, rocking gospel processional.

Arr. Kenneth W. Louis
G-6131 AACMS $1.50
My Soul Is Anchored in the Lord
SATB; Tenor Solo

Arr. Charles Garner
G-6137 AACMS $2.45
We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder
The style is slow, smooth, traditional gospel. Sweet!

Arr. Horace Clarence Boyer
G-5826 AACMS $2.20
He Nevuh Said A Mumbalin' Word
SATB; Alto Solo; Baritone Solo

Arr. Carla J. Giomo
G-5834 Choral $1.50
More Love to Thee
More Love to Thee; O How I Love Jesus; My Jesus, I Love Thee; Is There Anybody Here; My Soul Loves Jesus; More Love to Thee
SATB, soprano solo
Medley of "More Love to Thee," "O How I Love Jesus," "My Jesus, I Love Thee," "Is There Anybody Here," and " My Soul Loves Jesus."

Arr. Joseph Joubert
G-5843 AACMS $2.45
Choral Reflection on Amazing Grace - SSATBB edition | Printed Edition
SSATBB; Soprano Solo; Mezzo-soprano Solo

Arr. Roger Ames
G-5926 Evoking Sound $2.45
The Glorious Medley | Printed Edition
This setting brought 7,000 ministers to their feet at a 2008 summer conference!

Arr. Omar J Dickenson
G-7357 AACMS $2.45
Were You There? | Printed Edition
SATB, descant

Arr. Carla J. Giomo
G-5831 Choral $1.80
Long Awaited One, The
Unison, descant
G-4802 Christmas $1.30
I Want to See My Jesus Someday
A traditional Caribbean song scored for SATB voices and piano.

Arr. Glenn L. Jones
G-5805 AACMS $1.60
Mary's Lullaby
G-3757 Christmas $2.00
Serdeczna Matko / Beloved Mother | Printed Edition
SATB; Solo

Arr. Richard Proulx
G-6223 Choral $2.00
Chill of the Nightfall
A lovely setting of a fine Timothy Dudley-Smith text.
G-3103 Christmas $2.15
Children, Go Where I Send Thee
SATB; Adults with children; Solo

Arr. Marty Haugen
G-3814 Christmas $2.35
Wade in the Water
For first scrutiny.
/ Barbra Dye G-3827 Choral $1.00
Infant Holy

Arr. Robert Leaf
G-4485 Christmas $1.50
O the Lamb
SATB, alto/bass solo

Arr. John L. Bell
G-4533 Iona $2.00
Walk with Me
SSATTB, cantor

Arr. Leon C. Roberts
G-4603 Celebration $2.25
Angel's Advent Carol
A beautiful Advent text.
G-4899 NFCO $2.00
A la Nanita Nana

Arr. Larry Harris
G-4971 Christmas $1.80

Arr. Daniel C. Meyer
G-5104 Choral $2.15
Flower Garland of the Ocean | Printed Edition
Praise of Mary
Celtic prayer translated by Alexander Carmichael.
G-5596 Vocal Solo $4.00
Tryin’ to Get Home / Thy Will Be Done
SATB, optional baritone solo

Arr. Carla J. Giomo
G-5832 Choral $1.50
Sometimes I Feel like a Motherless Chile

Arr. Carla J. Giomo
G-5833 Choral $1.30
Forgive Them, Forgive Us | Printed Edition
SATB, alto/baritone solo

Arr. Carla J. Giomo
G-5835 Choral $2.00
Soon I Will Be Done

Arr. Carla J. Giomo
G-5836 Choral $1.50
Here's One

Arr. Bob Burroughs
G-6468 Choral $1.50
The Erie Canal
Three Appalachian Folk Songs
An appalachian folk song.

Arr. Roger Ames
G-6487 Evoking Sound $1.70
Bright Morning Stars

Arr. Alice Parker
G-6425 Choral $1.60