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Your Love Endures
SATB; SAB; cantor
Marty Haugen G-4842 Celebration $2.15
Your Love Endures - MP3 Marty Haugen X-40408 $1.29
Your Love Endures - Instrumental Set Marty Haugen G-4842INST Instrument Part $5.00
Your Love Is Finer Than Life - MP3 Marty Haugen X-16208 $1.29
Your Love is Finer Than Life
2 or 3 part choir
Marty Haugen G-2658 Celebration $1.40
Your Love Is Never Ending
Psalm 136
SATB, Cantor
Marty Haugen G-3479 Celebration $1.80
Your Love Is Never Ending (Psalm 136) - MP3 Marty Haugen X-18506 $1.29
’Twas in the Moon of Wintertime
SATB, children, solo
Marty Haugen G-3810 Christmas $2.15
Agapé - Choir edition
The Stories and the Feast
SATB, children, solos, narrator
Marty Haugen / Various G-3991C Drama $7.50
Agapé: The Stories and the Feast - Full Score
The Stories and the Feast
SATB; Adults with children; Solos; Reader
Marty Haugen / Various G-3991FS $33.50
With Gratitude - MP3 Album Haas/Haugen/Joncas X-100600 $12.95
Arise, My Love - MP3 Album Tony Alonso / Marty Haugen X-83200 $12.99
Arise, My Love - CD
Music for Weddings
Tony Alonso / Marty Haugen CD-832 $16.95
Arise, My Love - Music Collection Tony Alonso / Marty Haugen G-7888 $25.00
Bread of Life from Heaven/Pan de Vida Eterna
Pan de Vida Eterna
Original text, "Santo, " in G-3649, Based on Argentine folk melody.
Marty Haugen / Susan R. Briehl G-5652 Oramos cantando $2.00
Christ Be Near - CD Marty Haugen / Tony Alonso CD-807 $16.95
Feast of Life DVD Script Marilee Mahler / Marty Haugen G-5693 $8.95
Feast of Life, The
Stories from the Gospel of Luke
Marty Haugen / Gary Daigle G-5440FS Drama $40.00
Gathering Rite: He Came Down / We Are Marching / Glory to God
SATB; Cantor
Two African folk songs, with a high level of popularity in the USA
Marty Haugen / Gary Daigle G-5396 Ritual Prayer $2.15
Gathering Rite: Send Down the Fire
SATB; Cantor
A unified gathering rite.
Marty Haugen / Gary Daigle G-5403 Ritual Prayer $1.40
Gift of God - CD Marty Haugen / Susan R. Briehl CD-501 $16.95
Gift of God - Cassette Marty Haugen / Susan R. Briehl CS-501 $10.95
Gift of God - MP3 Album Marty Haugen / Susan R. Briehl X-50100 $12.99
Glory to God - Agapé setting
Sowah Mensah / Marty Haugen G-4014 Celebration $1.40
God Is a Good God
General Intercessions
SATB; Cantor; Priest
Ray East / Marty Haugen G-5112 Ritual Prayer $1.00
God Is Still Speaking - MP3 Marc Anderson / Marty Haugen X-98513 $1.29
How Can I Keep From Singing? - CD Marty Haugen / David Haas CD-306 $16.95
How Can I Keep From Singing? - Cassette Marty Haugen / David Haas CS-306 $10.95
I Wanna Be a Dinosaur Matthew Haugen / Stephanie Mirocha G-8582 $16.95
I Will Bless the Lord at All Times - CD
Psalms for the Church Year, Revised
Marty Haugen / David Haas CD-862 $16.95

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