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Wonderful Feast
SATB, solo
Marty Haugen G-5758 Celebration $2.00
Wonderful Feast - Guitar Edition | Printed Edition Marty Haugen G-5758G Guitar Part $5.50
Wonderful Feast - Guitar Edition | Download Edition Marty Haugen D-5758G Guitar Part $5.50
Wonderful Feast - Instrumental Parts | Printed Edition Marty Haugen G-5758INST Instrument Part $5.00
Wonderful Feast - Instrumental Parts | Download Edition Marty Haugen D-5758INST Instrument Part $5.00
Wonderous Day of Our God - MP3 Marty Haugen X-35612 $2.59
Wondrous Love - MP3 Album Marty Haugen X-24900 $12.99
Wondrous Love - MP3 Marty Haugen X-24910 $1.29
Wondrous Love - CD Marty Haugen CD-249 $16.95
Wondrous Love - Cassette Marty Haugen CS-249 $10.95
Wondrous Love Marty Haugen G-3536 $9.95
Wondrous Love—Words/Melody/Guitar
Marty Haugen G-3536G $6.95
Word That Formed Creation - MP3 Marty Haugen X-24911 $1.29
World Peace Prayer - MP3
Come And Journey (In Concert)
David Haas, Marty Haugen, and Michael Joncas in Concert
Marty Haugen X-17111 $1.29
World Peace Prayer
Unison or 2 equal or mixed voices
Marty Haugen G-3627 Celebration $1.50
World Peace Prayer Marty Haugen
Arr. Diane McAninch
D-HB0300 Handbells $2.00
World Peace Prayer - Guitar edition Marty Haugen G-3627G Guitar Part $4.50
You Are Called to Tell the Story - MP3
Gift of God
Marty Haugen X-50110 $1.29
You Are Called to Tell the Story
SATB, solo
Text by Ruth Duck.
Marty Haugen G-5760 Celebration $1.40
You Are Called to Tell the Story Marty Haugen
Arr. Linda R. Lamb
D-HB0270 Handbells $2.00
You Are God: Te Deum - Instrument | Printed Edition Marty Haugen G-5100INST Instrument Part $12.00
You Are God: Te Deum - Instrument | Download Edition Marty Haugen D-5100INST Instrument Part $12.00
You Are God: Te Deum / Tú eres Dios
SAB, cantor
Marty Haugen G-5100 Celebration $1.30
You Are the Heart's True Resting Place - MP3 Marty Haugen X-47011 $1.29
You Are the Heart’s True Resting Place
Psalm 90
SATB, cantor
Marty Haugen G-5444 Celebration $1.10
You Should See Me Soar (Pterodactly) - MP3 Marty Haugen X-90407 $1.29
You'll Hear Me Crashing (Ankylosautus) - MP3 Marty Haugen X-90411 $1.29
Your Love Endures
SATB, cantor
Marty Haugen G-4842 Celebration $2.15
Your Love Endures - MP3 Marty Haugen X-40408 $1.29
Your Love Endures - Instrumental Set Marty Haugen G-4842INST Instrument Part $5.00

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