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We Belong to Christ
SAB; cantor
Bob Moore G-3874 Celebration $1.30
We Choose Life
2 mixed voices, descant
David Haas G-4687 Celebration $2.15
We Feel Your Presence, Lord
Jeremy Young G-3106 Choral $2.15
We Gather in Worship
In a gospel style. Text By Sylvia Dunstan.
Bob Moore G-3861 Celebration $1.00
We Live a Mystery
SATB, Unison
Michael Connolly G-3249 Celebration $1.40
We Long to See Your Face
Two-part mixed
Our favorite psalm for All Saints Day.
Kevin Keil G-3795 Celebration $2.00
We Meet as Friends at Table
Final verse arranged for SATB with descant.
David Haas G-4999 Celebration $1.20
We Praise You, Lord
Rite of Acceptance
Unison or 3 mixed or equal voices
Marty Haugen G-4837 Ritual Prayer $1.00
We Remember You
Two-part mixed
This piece defies the assumption that two-part mixed settings are less than complete.
Lowell Everson / Gene Grier G-5373 Choral $1.50
We Shall Walk Through The Valley In Peace

Arr. William L. Hooper
G-W2085 Walton $1.95
We're The Choir (Körtrall)
G-W2732 $2.20
Welcome and Wanted
SAB; Assembly
Zack Stachowski G-8656 Celebration $2.00
Were You There

Arr. Marques L. A. Garrett
G-8911 AACMS $2.35
Were You There? | Printed Edition
SATB, descant

Arr. Carla J. Giomo
G-5831 Choral $1.80
Were You There? | Download Edition
SATB, descant

Arr. Carla J. Giomo
D-5831 Choral $1.80
What a Friend We Have in Jesus
Ludwig van Beethoven
Arr. Glenn E. Burleigh
G-7751 AACMS $2.45
What Bird So Sings
Carl Ashley G-WJMS1112 $2.05
What Passion Cannot Music Raise or Quell
G-W5037 Walton $2.25
What You Have Done for Me | Printed Edition
Unison; SAB; Solo
Tony Alonso G-5608 Celebration $2.15
When in Our Music God Is Glorified
Two-part equal
Text by Fred Pratt Green.
Bob Moore G-5320 Singing Our Faith $1.40
When in Our Music God Is Glorified
Daniel Nelson G-7506 Choral $2.00
When Jesus Wept
Delicately arranged with an unobtrusive accompaniment.
William Billings
Arr. Gerald Custer
G-7033 $2.20
When Love Is Found
Jeanne Cotter / David Haas G-3745 Music Collection $19.95
When Love Is Found | Printed Edition
Text by Brian Wren
Michael Connolly G-6327 Wedding $4.50
When Memory Fades
SATB, descant
Text by Mary Louise Bringle.
Jayne Southwick Cool G-5898 Choral $1.30
When the Saints Go Marching In (Instrumental Parts)
Instrumental Accompaniment

Arr. Norman Luboff
G-W3068A $7.00
When the Saints Go Marching In (Vocal Score)

Arr. Norman Luboff
G-W3068 $1.95
When This Day Is Done | Printed Edition
SATB, solo
Liam Lawton / John Drummond G-5983 Wedding $1.40
When Twilight Comes
Francisco F. Feliciano
Arr. Jonathan D. Campbell
G-8933 Choral $2.15
When You Fondly Glance at Me
Johannes Brahms G-8821 $2.60