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The Sow Took the Measles

Arr. Johnson, Lane
G-WW1371 Walton $1.80
The Stars Stand Up in the Air
Eric William Barnum G-WJMS1116 $2.85
The Story of God
Unison with descant
David Haas G-4748 Celebration $1.20
The Summons

Arr. Sondra K. Tucker
G-7111 Choral $2.15
The Table of Emmanuel
A Christmas Communion Processional
SAB; Cantor; Assembly

Arr. Tony Alonso
G-8906 Christmas $2.20
The Tree of Song
Thomas Juneau G-WW1562 $2.55
The True Lover's Farewell

Arr. Reginald Unterseher
G-WW1445 $2.55
The Trumpet in the Morning
Song for the Millennium
Rory Cooney G-4970 Celebration $2.15
The Turtle Dove
TTB (or TBB)

Arr. Ken Berg
G-WW1435 Walton $2.25
The Unknown
Michael Hennagin G-W2802 $1.95
The Unknown (Full/Vocal Score)
Michael Hennagin G-WM120 Walton $4.95
The Unknown (Instrumental Parts)
Instrumental Parts
Michael Hennagin G-WM120A Walton $6.00
The Wand'ring Maiden
SATB divisi

Arr. Norman Luboff
G-W3104 Norman Luboff $1.15
The Warm Embrace
Three-part equal; Three-part mixed; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
Ian Callanan G-8269 Celebration $2.00
The Water Is Wide

Arr. Neil Ginsberg
G-7405 $2.20
The Wayfarer
Love entered in my heart one day
SATB divisi
Seth Houston G-WJMS1136 $2.35
The Ways of Love (Pavane)
SATB divisi

Arr. Norman Luboff
G-W3012 $1.15
The White Rose
Paul Carey G-WLG125 $2.25
The White Swan (Ein Schwan)
SATB divisi
Edvard Grieg
Arr. Norman Luboff
G-W3015 $1.50
The Wind That Shakes the Barley (SATB)
SSATB and Treble ensemble
Robert Dwyer Joyce
Arr. Dan Davison
G-WW1498 $2.85
The Wind that Shakes the Barley (SATB)

Arr. Laurie A. Betts Hughes
G-WSZ101 $2.00
The World of Our Dreams
SATB divisi
Jeffery L. Ames G-WW1426 $2.35
There Is a River Filled with Hope
Dorothy VanAndel Frisch G-8396 Choral $2.15
There Is No Rose
Stephen J. Rohde G-6030 Christmas $1.80
There's a Wideness in God's Mercy
Calvin Hampton
Arr. Rick McNeely
G-7378 Choral $2.15
These Foolish Things
SATB divisi with solo

Arr. Norman Luboff
G-W9070 $1.95
This Child of Ours
Unison, descant, cantor
David Haas G-4683 Celebration $1.10
This Day God Gives Me - Instrument edition | Printed Edition J. Michael Joncas G-7582INST $7.00
This Is (Song of Micah)
Song of Micah
Liam Lawton / John Drummond G-5985 Celebration $1.40
This Is the Time
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
Ian Callanan G-8170 Celebration $2.00