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O Master, Let Me Walk with Thee
SATB divisi
Anthony J. Maglione G-7343 Evoking Sound $2.35
O Rex Gentium
O King of the Nations
Peter Relph G-9476 Evoking Sound $2.45
O salutaris hostia
SATB divisi
Michael Waldenby G-9366 Evoking Sound $2.20
O Sapientia
O Wisdom
SATB Double Choir
Peter Relph G-9191 Evoking Sound $2.55
O Thou Great Power, in Whom I Move
SATB divisi
Anthony J. Maglione G-7968 Evoking Sound $2.45
O Vos Omnes
You will want to add this modern motet to your Passiontide repertoire. One of the easier pieces in this series aimed primarily at the best high school, college, and professional choirs.
Blake R. Henson G-6483 Evoking Sound $2.20
Oh, Po' Little Jesus
Brandon Waddles G-8304 Evoking Sound $2.20
Old Dan Tucker Meets Cindy
Three Appalachian Folk Songs

Arr. Roger Ames
G-6489 Evoking Sound $2.45
On This Day Earth Shall Ring
William A. Payn G-8196 Evoking Sound $2.20
Open the World
Peace on Earth
SATB divisi
R. Douglas Helvering G-9562 Evoking Sound $2.35
Out of the Depths
Anthony J. Maglione G-7818 Evoking Sound $2.65
Oxford Summer Course Text Bundle - 2017 James Jordan G-OXFORD2017 Evoking Sound $55.00
Pange Lingua
Solfège edition: Phrygian mode.
Anton Bruckner G-6481 Evoking Sound $2.35
Psalm 100 (Jauchzet dem Herrn, alle Welt)
SATB; Soprano Solo; Alto Solo; Tenor Solo; Bass Solo
Solfège edition: Major, Relative Minor modes.
G-5929 Evoking Sound $2.55
Psalmo: Quoniam videbo caelos
SATB double choir
Cortlandt Matthews G-9564 Evoking Sound $2.65
A Guide and Card Pack to Improve Choral Teaching through Self-Evaluation
James Jordan G-7662 Evoking Sound $34.95
Revoici venir du printemps
Here Comes the Spring
Claude Le Jeune G-7446 Evoking Sound $2.05
Richte Mich, Gott
Der Dreiundvierzigste Psalm
Solfège edition: Major, Aeolian modes.
G-6482 Evoking Sound $2.05
Riddle Song
Three Appalachian Folk Songs
An Appalachian folk song. Solfège edition: Mixolydian, Major modes.

Arr. Roger Ames
G-6488 Evoking Sound $1.70
SSAATTBB; Tenor Solo
Peter Relph G-9165 Evoking Sound $2.35
Salut au monde!
SATB divisi
Till MacIvor Meyn G-8421 Evoking Sound $2.35
Salvator mundi
Thomas LaVoy G-8955 Evoking Sound $2.20
Tomás Luis de Victoria G-8763 Evoking Sound $2.00
Sechs Sprüche, Op. 79: Weihnachten
Solfège edition.
G-6484 Evoking Sound $1.70
She Moved through the Faire
Irish traditional. Solfège edition: D Mixolydian.

Arr. Roger Ames
G-6507 Evoking Sound $1.50
Sine paenitentia
SATB divisi; Soprano Solo; Tenor Solo
Cortlandt Matthews G-8815 Evoking Sound $2.20
Sleep, My Child
SATB divisi
Brian A. Schmidt G-9051 Evoking Sound $2.20
Songs of the Questioner
SATB divisi
Thomas LaVoy G-8989 Evoking Sound $3.50
Sound as Teacher
Growing the Conductor's Perceptual Mind
James Jordan G-8991 Evoking Sound $24.95
Sure on This Shining Night
SATB divisi
Gerald Custer G-8790 Evoking Sound $2.20