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The Lake Isle (Vocal Score)
SATB divisi
Ola Gjeilo G-WW1548 $2.95
The Lamentations of Jeremiah
SATB divisi
Knut Nystedt G-WW1237 Walton $1.60
The Last Rose of Summer
SATB divisi
N. Grant Pfeifer G-WW1257 Walton $1.25
The Light of the World
Paul T. Sjolund G-W2166 $2.10
The Lone Wild Bird

Arr. Frank K. DeWald
G-WW1326 Walton $2.10
The Lonely Birch Tree
SATB divisi
Norman Luboff G-W3006 $1.95
The Lord Bless You And Keep You
Wilson, Harry Robert G-W2042 Walton $1.95
The Lord Is Gonna Take Good Care of You
SATB divisi
Norman Luboff G-W9083 Walton-NL Pop $1.15
The Lord Is My Light
G-WLC1011 Walton-LOC $2.15
The Lord Is My Shepherd (SATB)
Javier Busto G-WJMS1015 Jo-Michael Scheibe $1.95
The Lord Is Risen
William Billings
Arr. Richard C. Pisano
G-W2206 Walton $1.85
The Lord Loves a Laughin' Man (Instrumental Parts)
SATB divisi
Sy Miller / Jill Jackson
Arr. Norman Luboff
G-W9075A $1.50
The Lord Loves a Laughin' Man (Vocal Score)
SATB divisi
Sy Miller / Jill Jackson
Arr. Norman Luboff
G-W9075 $2.55
The Lord's My Shepherd
SATB divisi

Arr. Norman Luboff
G-W3023 $1.90
The Magnificat (SATB - Vocal Score)
SATB with solos
Giovanni Battista Pergolesi G-WM102 $8.95
The Maid of Culmore

Arr. Joseph Gregorio
G-WW1618 Walton $2.75
The Man in the Moon
SATB divisi
Ray Liebau G-WOM106 Walton-Ole Miss $1.75
The Meeting of the Waters
SATB divisi

Arr. Norman Luboff
G-W3072 Norman Luboff $1.15
The Modern Man
TBB with optional SA
Anders Edenroth G-WRG1015 $2.25
The Month of May (Ce moys de May)

Arr. Walter Ehret
G-W8012 $1.85
The Moon Is Silently Singing
Double SSATB choirs
David Hamilton G-WW1333 Walton $3.05
The Music of Mary (Cassette)
Anders Ohrwall G-WMEE100C Walton $9.00
The Music of Mary (Vocal Score)
Anders Ohrwall G-WMEE100 Walton $4.95
The Nightingale (Die Nachtigall)

Arr. Geoffrey Mason
G-W7010 $2.10
The Oxen (Instrumental Parts)
Harp Part
G-WDW1003A Walton-Warland $6.50
The Oxen (Vocal Score)
G-WDW1003 Walton-Warland $2.35
The Peace of the Lord (SATB)
N. Grant Pfeifer G-WW1307 $1.95
The Promise of Light
G-WJMS1090 $2.25
The Proverbial Contradictions of Life
SATB divisi
Norman Luboff G-W3080 Norman Luboff $1.15
The Pure in Heart
SATB with piano
Patrick Hawes G-WW1648 Walton $2.40