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Away in a Manger - SATB divisi
(from Christmas Carols Vol. 2)
William J. Kirkpatrick
Arr. Ola Gjeilo
G-WW1489 $2.75
When David Heard
Eric Whitacre G-WJMS1019 $3.25
Song to the Moon (SATB divisi)
La Luna
SATB divisi
Z. Randall Stroope G-WW1430 $2.65
Across the Bridge of Hope - SATB
Jan Sandström
Arr. Shaun McLaughlin
G-WW1270 $2.40
The Creation (Instrumental Parts) | Printed Edition David Bobrowitz / Steven Porter G-WM114A $30.00
SATB divisi
Vijay Singh G-WW1341 Walton $1.95
SATB divisi
Norman Luboff G-W3001 Norman Luboff $1.60
Bow Down Thine Ear, O Lord
Op. 87 No. 6
SATB divisi
Egil Hovland G-WH212 $2.25
Gloria - Two-part
two-part, any combination
Dan Davison G-WLG122 Lynne Gackle $1.90
Chinese Melodies: Two Songs on Love and Nature
(Looking for Plum Blossoms in the Snow; KangDing Love Song)
Alto, Bass Soli, SATB Chorus Divisi, Unaccompanied. Alto, Bass Soli, SATB Chorus Divisi, Unaccompanied. Alto, Bass Soli, SATB Chorus Divisi

Arr. Jon Washburn
G-WW1360 $2.75
Hidden in Light
SATB divisi
Stanford Scriven G-WJMS1124 $2.10
Voices of the Night | Printed Edition
Donna Gartman Schultz G-WW1502 $2.10
Of Love
Dede Duson G-W2722 $2.10
Cum Sancto Spiritu - SATB | Printed Edition
from Gloria
Antonio Lucio Vivaldi
Arr. Mason Martens
G-W2047 Walton $2.85
Gloria - SATB | Printed Edition
from Heiligmesse
Franz Joseph Haydn
Arr. Michael S. Woodman
G-W2031 $2.55
A Maiden Is in a Ring
(Och jungfrun hon går i ringen)
SATB divisi
Hugo Alfvén G-WGK111 Gehrmans $1.90
Shout for Joy! (SATB divisi)
Psalm 98
SATB divisi
Dan Davison G-WW1388 Walton $2.55
The Wild Mountain Thyme
SATB divisi

Arr. Reginald Unterseher
G-WW1422 $2.05
Tell My Ma (SATB divisi)
SATB divisi
Traditional Irish
Arr. Jon Washburn
G-WW1354 $2.65
Sydney Guillaume G-WJMS1053 $2.55
Across the Fields
SATB divisi
Eric William Barnum G-WJMS1110 $2.15
SATB divisi
Knut Nystedt G-WH208 Hansen $2.20
Afternoon on a Hill
SATB divisi
Eric William Barnum G-WW1394 $2.55
Savior of the Nations, Come (Full Score and Instrumental Part) | Printed Edition
Arr. Richard Nance
G-WW1385A Walton $75.00
Otto Olsson G-WM169 $4.95
Psalm 117
SATB divisi
Greg Knauf G-WJMS1007 $1.90
Somebody's Calling My Name Edwin E. Ferguson G-WW1062 $2.10
Set Me as a Seal (SATB divisi) | Printed Edition
SATB divisi
Richard Nance G-WJMS1020 Jo-Michael Scheibe $2.65
Gaudete (Instrumental Parts) | Printed Edition Anders Ohrwall G-WSK100A $6.00
Christmas Carols, Volume 1

Arr. Ola Gjeilo
G-WW1487 $7.50