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Now, Brethren, though We Part
Isaac B. Woodbury
Arr. Alice Parker
G-6272 Choral $1.75
Nuit d'etoiles
Starry Night
Claude Debussy
Arr. Alan Raines
G-WW1382 $2.65
Nuptial Blessing, A
SATB, Cantor(s)
J. Michael Joncas G-3310 Celebration $2.15
O Broken Heart
Johannes Brahms G-8818 $2.40
O Come All Ye Faithful

Arr. Scott Farthing
G-WW1294 Walton $1.80
O Come, Let Us Sing
Two-Part Treble
Earlene Rentz G-WLG113 $1.90
O Come, O Come
Two-part equal

Arr. Kara Funke
G-8298 Christmas $2.00
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel - Handbells
Arr. Brian Childers
G-9120 Resounding Faith $4.95
O Come, Redeemer of the Earth
For use throughout Christmastide.

Arr. Joe Cox
G-7273 Choral $2.00
O Give Thanks to the Lord
SATB; SAB; Cantor
John L. Bell G-5162 Iona $1.40
O God Who Gives Us Life and Breath
Paul Lisicky G-4483 Celebration $1.20
O God, Behold Your Family Here
Text by John A. Dalles
Bob Moore G-5588 Choral $1.60
O Holy Night | Printed Edition
Cantique de Noël
Adolphe Adam
Arr. James Biery
G-6184 Christmas $2.25
O Holy Night
SATB divisi
Adolphe Adam
Arr. Gary Fry
G-WJMS1089 $2.85
O Holy Night | Download Edition
Cantique de Noël
Adolphe Adam
Arr. James Biery
D-6184 Christmas $2.25
O How I Love Jesus
Henry Wellington Greatorex
Arr. Craig Kenath Sandford
G-9117 Calvin Inst $2.35
O Jerusalem
David Haas G-4733 Celebration $2.00
O Little Town of Bethlehem
SATB; Solo
Albert Dempsey G-6033 Christmas $1.50
O Lord, Fix Me
Eli Wilson G-7759 AACMS $2.00
O Lord, The Guardian of My Heart
Carol Browning G-5106 Celebration $1.30
O Mistress Mine (TB)
Frank K. DeWald G-WW1369 $2.25
O My Luve's Like a Red, Red Rose | Printed Edition
SATB divisi
Kevin A. Memley G-WJMS1134 $2.15
O My Luve's Like a Red, Red Rose | Download Edition
SATB divisi
Kevin A. Memley D-WJMS1134 $2.15
O Pilgrims' Meal
Unison; SATB; Assembly
Timothy Valentine
Arr. Peter Valentine
G-6112 Choral $1.60
O Radiant Light
G-7865 AACMS $2.20
O sacrum convivium
Stephen R. Johnson G-8781 Choral $2.00
O Sing to the Lord (TTBB)
Dan Davison G-WW1497 Walton $2.55
O the Lamb
SATB, alto/bass solo

Arr. John L. Bell
G-4533 Iona $2.00
O Worship the King
In Calypso style.
Johann Michael Haydn
Arr. Wendell C Woods
G-5810 AACMS $1.50
Of the Father's Love Begotten
2 mixed voices

Arr. Gene Grier
G-4566 Christmas $2.00