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Marian Trilogy
Unison, descant
Br. Howard L. Hughes SM G-4925 Choral $1.50
Martha, Mary, Waiting, Weeping
2 mixed voices
Randall K. Sensmeier G-5583 Choral $1.30
Mary Our Mother
C. Alexander Peloquin G-2723 Choral $2.00
Mary the Dawn
Brian McLinden G-7505 Choral $1.80
Mary, Full of Grace
Monica Bonasso G-6585 Choral $1.60
Master, Speak
Erik Routley G-2276 Choral $0.40
Master, Speak
Daniel C. Meyer G-4911 Choral $1.30
May God Be Gracious
John Siler G-7767 Choral $2.15
May God Bless Us
Paul Gibson G-3358 Choral $0.80
May God Have Pity On Us
canto, opt. unison choir, congregation
Douglas E. Schoen G-1711 Choral $0.80
May God Show Us Kindness
James Chepponis G-2994 Choral $0.70
May Lion and Lamb
Harold Owen G-2977 Choral $0.80
May the Angels Lead You into Paradise
In paradisum
Unison, cantor, descant
Steven Janco G-3392 Choral $1.00
May the Holy Spirit's Sword
SA, 2 equal or mixed voices
Shu-Fen Wang Kho G-3314 Choral $0.80
May the Lord Bless You and Keep You
Bernard Sexton G-9004 Choral $2.15
Messenger of Christ
Acclamation for Welcoming a New Pastor (or bishop)
Richard Proulx G-3789 Choral $0.80
Michael's Drum
SATB; Assembly
Chantal Dubois
Arr. Thomas W. D. Bell
G-7539 Choral $2.00
Miracle Worker
SATB; Solos
Lyle Neff G-7453 Choral $2.00
Mirror of Eternity, The
Prayer of St. Clare
James Chepponis G-4225 Choral $1.80
Mothering God
Larry J. Long G-8622 Choral $2.00
Music for Euch Pray Accl
SATB and/or congregation
Johannes Somary G-1766 Choral $0.35
Music for the Funeral
Joseph Roff G-1717 Choral $1.25
My God! The Spring of All My Joys

Arr. Alice Parker
G-5092 Choral $1.40
My God, My God, Why Have You Abandoned Me
Jeremy Young G-3078 Choral $2.15
My God, My God: Psalm for Palm Sunday
SATB, cantor
Francis Patrick O'Brien G-5448 Choral $1.30
My Heart Is Firmly Fixed, O God
2 mixed voices
Bret Heim G-4801 Choral $1.20
My Help Cometh from the Lord
James Biery G-8652 Choral $2.25
My Hidden Life
Six-part equal; Six-part mixed
Daniel C. Meyer G-6605 Choral $2.15
My Life Is in Your Hands
Cantor(s), 2 mixed voices
Scott Soper G-4620 Choral $2.00
My Savior Prays for Me
Patrick Liebergen G-8149 Choral $2.15