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Gaur Akelarre
SATB divisi
Josu Elberdin G-WJMS1158 Jo-Michael Scheibe $2.75
Kwa wote upendo | Printed Edition
Ubi Caritas
SATB divisi with solo
Julian Reisenthel G-WW1553 Richard Nance $2.45
Ave Maria - SAB, SA, or Unison | Printed Edition
SAB or SA or Unison
Julio Dominguez G-WLG145 Lynne Gackle $2.10
The Snow Is Deep on the Ground
SATB divisi
Katie Kring G-WW1559 $2.55
Mary, Mary!
Ken Berg G-WJMS1118 $2.10
Let Me Be Like Mary
SATB divisi
Ken Berg G-WLG109 $1.60
American Indian Songs
Kenneth Jennings G-W2992 $3.05
Calm on the Listening Ear of Night
Kenneth Jennings G-WDW1012 Walton-Warland $1.70
Sweater Weather (A Love Song to Language)
Kenneth Jennings G-WKF101 Walton-Fenton $2.10
Dirshu Adonai
Seek the Lord and His Strength
SATB divisi with Solo Quartet
Kenneth Lampl G-WW1638 Walton $2.65
Jerusalem (SASAATTBB)
A Meditation for Peace
Kenneth Lampl G-WW1641 Walton $2.75
O My Luve's Like a Red, Red Rose | Printed Edition
SATB divisi
Kevin A. Memley G-WJMS1134 $2.15
She Walks in Beauty (SATB) Kevin A. Memley G-WJMS1127 $2.75
Even When He Is Silent - SATB divisi
SATB divisi
Kim André Arnesen G-WW1579 Walton $2.55
Where Two or Three Are Gathered
Two-Part Mixed
Kinley Lange G-WW1284 Walton $2.25
Agnus Dei - SAB (Vocal Score) | Printed Edition
Kinley Lange G-WW1285 $2.10
Agnus Dei (Instrumental Parts) | Printed Edition
Instrumental Parts
Kinley Lange G-WW1285A Walton $20.00
Kinley Lange G-WW1322 Walton $1.70
Tis the Season
Kirk Marcy G-WW1448 Walton $1.90
SATB divisi
Knut Nystedt G-WH208 Hansen $2.20
Kyrie (SSA, SATB)
(from A Thanksgiving Mass)
Knut Nystedt G-W2972 $1.95
Psalm 100 Knut Nystedt G-WH196 $2.55
Thou, O Lord
Knut Nystedt G-W2900 Walton $2.10
Psalm 77
SATB divisi
Knut Nystedt G-W2923 $2.35
The Lamentations of Jeremiah
SATB divisi
Knut Nystedt G-WW1237 Walton $1.60
Be Not Afraid
SATB divisi
Knut Nystedt G-WNM100 Walton $2.60
Michelangelo's On Beauty
SATB divisi
Kurt Knecht G-WJMS1057 Jo-Michael Scheibe $1.70
Sero te amavi
SATB divisi
Kurt Knecht G-WJMS1102 $2.25
Sweet Love Remember'd
Lane Johnson G-WW1349 Walton $1.70
SATB divisi
Lane Johnson G-WW1376 Walton $1.90