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Light Dawns on a Weary World
SATB; Assembly
William Rowan
Arr. Bradley Ellingboe
G-9369 Choral $2.35
Like a Bird That Spreads Her Wings
SATB: Assembly
J. Michael Joncas G-7712 Choral $2.15
Litany for the Church
Baritone solo, SATB
Richard Proulx G-3061 Choral $0.90
Litany of the Holy Spirit
SATB, (solos)
Paul Gibson / Carol Romanoski-Gibson G-3879 Choral $1.10
Little One, Born to Bring Us Such Love | Printed Edition
A sensitive text written for the occasion of the death of a child.
Ian Callanan G-6953 Choral $1.50
Little One, Born to Bring Us Such Love | Download Edition
SATB Voices and Keyboard with optional Guitar
A sensitive text written for the occasion of the death of a child.
Ian Callanan D-6953 Choral $1.50
Living Hope, A
2 mixed voices
James Chepponis G-3145 Choral $1.10
Living Spirit
Suzanne Toolan G-1683 Choral $1.50
Living Stone
David Clark Isele G-3718 Choral $1.00
Living Waters
As the Deer / My Whole Being
Suzanne Toolan G-1676 Choral $0.60
Living Waters
Suzanne Toolan G-1692 Choral $0.70
Lo, Judah's Lion | Printed Edition
Stephen J. Rohde G-6828 Choral $2.00
Lo, Judah's Lion | Download Edition Stephen J. Rohde D-6828 Choral $2.00
Look for Me in Lowly Ones
Text by Aelred Rosser.
Richard Proulx G-2145 Choral $1.40
Look unto Abraham
SATB; Soprano Solo
Alice Parker G-6261 Choral $1.50
Lord Have Mercy
Maynard Klein / Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy G-2804 Choral $1.30
Lord Jesus, Come from Lyric Liturgy
Entrance Song from Lyric Liturgy
C. Alexander Peloquin G-1880 Choral $1.95
Lord Jesus, Think on Me
Kevin Norris G-2688 Choral $1.10
Lord of All
Gerald Custer G-7606 Choral $2.00
Lord Shall Reign, The
Dominus regnant (regnavit)
2 mixed voices
David Hurd G-2717 Choral $1.50
Lord's Prayer
Unison (presider)
Gary Daigle G-4022 Choral $0.90
Lord, Be My Shepherd
Almon C. Bock II G-3756 Choral $1.00
Lord, Enthron'd in Heav'nly Splendor
William Owen
Arr. Alice Parker
G-6426 Choral $1.70
Lord, from Your Cross, Look upon Us
Eugene Englert G-1841 Choral $0.90
Lord, Have Mercy
2 mixed voices; SA/TB
César Franck G-3424 Choral $1.30
Lord, Help Us Walk Your Servant Way
Stuempfle’s text emphasizes humility and service.
Randall K. Sensmeier G-4368 Choral $2.00
Lord, How Majestic Is Your Name
Austin C. Lovelace G-5989 Choral $1.50
Lord, I Believe
Daniel C. Meyer G-5117 Choral $1.30
Lord, Let at Last Thine Angels Come
Schmid, B. G-4680 Choral $1.80
Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness—Psalm for Advent
C. Alexander Peloquin G-2596 Choral $0.60