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I Have Chosen You
James Chepponis G-8977 Choral $1.80
I Heard the Voice of Jesus
SATB, Unison, descant
J. Michael Joncas G-3439 Choral $2.00
I Know the Lord
SATB, solo

Arr. Alice Parker
G-4229 Choral $1.75
I Lift My Eyes
SATB; Soprano Solo
The musical treatment is well tailored to the text.
H. Hamilton Smith G-6763 Choral $1.50
I Lift My Hands to the Lord Most High
Dolores Hruby G-3024 Choral $1.10
I Lift Up My Eyes
Robert E. Kreutz G-2164 Choral $0.35
I Lift Up My Eyes to the Hills
Canton on I Lift Up My Eyes to the Hills
4 equal voices / SATB
David Hurd G-3228 Choral $1.40
I Love the Lord
SATB; Assembly
John L. Bell G-8013 Choral $2.00
I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord
Aaron Williams G-2118 Choral $0.60
I Received the Living God
SATB; Cantor; Assembly
Don Clément Jacob
Arr. Richard Proulx
G-3071 Choral $2.00
I Rejoiced When I Heard Them Say
2 mixed voices
Richard Proulx G-3780 Choral $2.15
I Rejoiced When They Said to Me
SATB; Cantor; Assembly
Thomas Savoy G-7524 Choral $2.00
I Saw Water
Music at the Rite of Sprinkling in Eastertide
SATB; Cantor; Assembly
Leo Nestor G-8228 Choral $2.25
I See His Blood upon the Rose
Use it during the Veneration of the Cross or as a Palm Sunday anthem.
Michael Bedford G-6420 Choral $2.00
I Sing A Maid

Arr. J. Michael Joncas
G-3139 Choral $2.00
I Sing the Mighty Power of God / Your Hands, O Lord, in Days of Old
2 mixed voices, descant
One-rehersal hymn-based anthem.

Arr. Peter Niedmann
G-5119 Choral $2.00
I Turn to You, Lord
Jeremy Young G-2896 Choral $0.80
I Want Jesus to Walk with Me
Probably the best ever arrangement of this spiritual.
Ronald A. Nelson G-3715 Choral $2.00
I Want Jesus to Walk with Me
SAB; Solo; Assembly

Arr. Nansi Carroll
G-6281 Choral $2.15
I Want Jesus to Walk with Me
SAB; Solo

Arr. Paul Nicholson
G-7829 Choral $2.00
I Want to Follow Jesus
Text b y Kathleen Thomerson.
Douglas Starr G-3904 Choral $1.10
I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light
Kathleen Thomerson G-2786 Choral $2.00
I Was Glad
Mark V. Smith G-3420 Choral $1.00
I Was Glad
A Festival Introit
SATB; Adults with children
John Ferguson G-7916 Choral $2.15
I Was Glad
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly

Arr. John L. Bell
G-8012 Choral $2.00
I Was Glad When They Said unto Me
3 mixed or equal voices
William M. Schoenfeld G-5991 Choral $2.15
I Will Bless the Lord
Joseph Roff G-2367 Choral $0.60
I Will Exalt You
Peter R. Hallock G-2186 Choral $0.40
I Will Exalt You, O Lord
Raymond Chenault G-3289 Choral $1.00
I Will Go As You Have Sent Me
Expressive writing, text emphasizes commitment and trust.
James A. Alberty G-4910 Choral $1.40