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Suite from Allan Pettersson's Barefoot Songs
Allan Pettersson
Arr. Eskil Hemberg
G-WH152 $1.60
Sudden Light
Thomas Juneau G-WW1679 Walton $2.55
SATB divisi, solo
American Folksong
Arr. Norman Luboff
G-W3077 $1.95
William Billings
Arr. Richard C. Pisano
G-W2219 Walton $2.10
Still, Still, Still (SATB)

Arr. Norman Luboff
G-W3003 Norman Luboff $2.25
Still, Still Night (SATB)
Silent Night
Franz Gruber
Arr. Jackson Berkey
G-WW1255 $2.55
Steal Away (Vocal Score)
SATB divisi
Traditional Spiritual
Arr. Norman Luboff
G-W3061 $2.00
Stars I Shall Find (SATB) | Printed Edition
David C. Dickau G-WJMS1048 $2.35
Stars and Shadows (Beau Soir)
SATB divisi
Claude Debussy
Arr. Norman Luboff
G-W3031 $1.15
Star Over Bethlehem

Arr. Peder Karlsson
G-WRG1009 $2.45
Standing in the Rain
SATB divisi
Sydney Bertram Carter
Arr. Norman Luboff
G-W9058 $1.25
Springtime Love (Som stjärnorna På Himmelen)

Arr. Wilhelm Peterson-Berger
G-WW1260 $2.20
Spotless Rose
SATB divisi
Ola Gjeilo G-WW1651 Walton $2.85
Spells of Herrick | Printed Edition
1. Incantation, 2. Charms
SATB divisi
Andrew Steffen G-WW1557 $2.45
South African Praises (Medley)

Arr. Stephan P. Barnicle
G-WW1246 Walton $2.25
South African Freedom Songs (Collection)
Anders Nyberg G-WW1249B $2.25
Sourwood Mountain

Arr. Edwin R. Fissinger
G-W2010 $2.55
Song to the Moon (SATB divisi)
La Luna
SATB divisi
Z. Randall Stroope G-WW1430 $2.65
Song of the Universal (SATB - Vocal Score)
SATB divisi with Piano and String Orchestra
Ola Gjeilo G-WW1642 Walton $4.50
Song of the Universal (SATB - Full Score and Parts) Ola Gjeilo G-WW1642A Walton $75.00
Song of the Dove
SATB divisi
Ervin Drake
Arr. Norman Luboff
G-W9072 Walton $2.40
Song of the Bells
SATB divis

Arr. Norman Luboff
G-W3090 Norman Luboff $1.70
Song of Summer
I Denna Ljuva Sommartid
G-W3000 $2.40
Song of Songs
SATB divisi
David N. Childs G-WW1444 Walton $2.05
Something Has Spoken to Me in the Night
SATB divisi
Edwin R. Fissinger G-WW1170 $2.65
Somebody's Calling My Name Edwin E. Ferguson G-WW1062 $2.10
Solhymne for bandet kor
SATB divisi
Vagn Holmboe G-WH110 Hansen $2.95
SATB divisi
Lane Johnson G-WW1376 Walton $1.90
Slumber Time
SATB divisi
Norman Luboff G-W3002 $1.15
Sleep (Vocal Score)
SATB divisi
Eric Whitacre G-WJMS1035 $2.75