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James Jordan's recordings have garnered wide critical acclaim, including a Grammy nomination for Annelies. Gramophone Magazine hailed Jordan as a conductor of "forceful and intimate choral artistry." The performances of both Anam Cara and The Westminster Williamson Voices have been dubbed "peerless and extraordinary."

Hole in the Sky
Hole in the Sky - CD

James Jordan

"I would tear a hole in the sky so I could pull out the heart of the moon for thee."

From "As I Walk the Silent Earth" by Thomas LaVoy

A stunning new recording from James Jordan and the Westminster Williamson voices. Music opens us to a more radiant and brilliant life through sounds and words. There is music that, by its very nature, "tears a hole in the sky"-the "sky" of our spirits and souls. Certain music, certain composers, and certain performances have a way of "tearing a hole" into us perhaps even bringing new meaning to what we do and how we live.

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Title Composer Edition # Price Qty  
Teaching Music through Performance in Choir, Vol 2, Levels 1-5 (3-CD set) - CD
CD-719 $39.50
Annelies - CD
James Whitbourn CD-914 $9.95
Living Voices: The Music of James Whitbourn - CD
Westminster Williamson Voices, James Jordan, Conductor
James Jordan CD-883 $12.95
Innisfree (GIA ChoralWorks) - CD
Choral Music of Hope, Dreams, and Living
James Jordan CD-723 $15.95
Inscape: Choral Music of Gerald Custer (GIA ChoralWorks) - CD
Gerald Custer CD-754 $15.95
Angels in the Architecture (GIA ChoralWorks Series) - CD
Choral Music of Bartok, Britten, Erb, Henson, Lauridsen, MacMillan, Mendelssohn, Sandstrom, Sisask, Stravinsky, and Whitbourn
CD-837 $15.95
Teaching Music through Performance in Choir, Vol. 1 - CD
Resource Recordings, Selections from Grades 1 and 2, all of Grades 3 and 4 (2 CD set)
James Jordan / Jerry McCoy CD-650 $25.95