Below are comments from fans of Mass of Creation by Marty Haugen.

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I was at the NPM convention in 1985. Great memories of a glorious time in the Church. When I planned my mother's funeral, I chose "Blest Are They."
Ann Hardwicke , Cantor - St. Vincent de Paul Parish, Federal Way, Washington | 11-20-2014
David, You have brought so much life, love and joy to this world. You are an amazing inspiration to many and all. I am blessed to have you as a friend. God bless you!!
Greg Papesh , Music Teacher - Saints Francis and Clare Catholic School | 11-20-2014
David! There are some hymns that just jump off the composer's page. I have had that experience and I know you have also. "Blest Are They" must have been one of them. Congratulations on many years as a Music Minister and I hope many more are in the works. Your friend Neil Blunt
Neil Blunt , Realtor - Coldwell Banker | 11-20-2014
I was moved once to hear this song as a wedding recessional.
Nancy Wood - Winnipeg, Manitoba | 11-20-2014
Dear David, Thank you so very much for sharing your gift of song with, really, generations of Catholics. "Blest Are They" is one of those great hymns that transcends the boundaries of age and circumstance. I remember so many NPM workshops where you led us in this hymn, and one can really tell that this is the inspired work of the Holy Spirit. Congratulations and much thanks.
Jeff Burton , Seminarian - Diocese of Gary | 11-20-2014
David, Thanks for "Blest Are They" and so many other wonderful songs!!! I sang in Napa at St. Thomas Aquinas and now sing at St. Patrick's in Placerville. Your songs are an inspiration and help the parishioners become more involved in Mass and the Liturgy. Thank You
Mike Daly , choir member - St Patrick's, Placerville, CA | 11-20-2014
Dear David, What a beautiful hymn! Congratulations to you as you mark the occasion of 30 years since the release of "Blest Are They." It's one I've learned to play by heart on the piano, and I love singing it whenever the opportunity arises! Peace be with you, and thank you for the gift you are to the wider church! -Tyler
Tyler Gingrich , Youth Engagement Coordinator (Lutheran Pastor) - Canadian Lutheran World Relief | 11-20-2014
Tom Kessecker, Music Director, has shared your beautiful music with us over the years. We also attended a work shop once in Washington DC several years ago and had the pleasure of hearing you speak. Thank you for sharing your God given talent.
Bernadine Beatty , Alto - St Margaret's Catholic Church | 11-20-2014
David - I have sung "Blest Are They" many times - but my fondest memory of this great hymn is when it was sung at my wedding on December 3, 1988. My wife and I have attended several of your concerts at Loyola University in Baltimore, MD. Thanks so much for your wonderful ministry - and congratulations on 30 years of "Blest Are They!"
Jim DeBoy , Liturgy Chairperson/Cantor/Choir Member - St. Clement I Catholic Church - Lansdowne, MD | 11-20-2014
Congratulations! I remember you doing a mini workshop at Barb's years ago and playing this hymn. I was immediately in love with it. It's one of my favorite hymns to sing.
Donna DeMuro , Former choir member - St. Barbara Parish, Brookfield, IL | 11-20-2014