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College and High School Choirs Choral Series

With concert choir conductors in mind, GIA editors combed the pages of our catalog and have selected pieces especially well suited for concert performance. College, university, high school and community choirs will love the variety and quality of the selections listed here. For free single copies of up to twelve of these titles, please send a request on letterhead via fax or mail.

  • Alleluia from Exultate, Jubilate W. Amadeus Mozart, arr. David Patrick SATB, Acc. (6-E) G4210 1.50
  • Amazing Grace (new britain) Arr. Evelyn Simpson-Curenton SATB, Piano (7-M) G5694 1.30
  • As Water to the Thirsty Bob Moore Text by Timothy Dudley-Smith. SATB (7-E) G5587 1.30
  • Ave Maria (Lat.) Franz Schubert, arr. Richard Proulx SATB, Soprano Solo, Piano or Harp, Opt. Organ • (8-E/M) G5573 1.40
  • Ave Maria J. S. Bach, Charles Gounod; ed. Richard Proulx SATB, Harp or Keyboard, Opt. String Quintet and Organ (5-E) G5416 1.40
  • Ave verum Corpus / Hail to You, True Body (Lat. & Eng.) Gabriel Fauré, arr. Bruce Smedley SATB, Acc. (9-E) G4563 1.40
  • Ave verum corpus W. Amadeus Mozart, ed. Richard Proulx SATB (or Unison), Organ, Opt. String Quintet (or Quartet or 1 Violin) • (6-E) G5417 1.60
  • Brethren, We Have Met to Worship (holy manna) William Moore, Alice Parker SATB • (8-E/M) G5093 1.40
  • By the Waters of Babylon Arr. David Buley Based on a Jewish melody. SAATB (9-E) G5941 1.50
  • Choral Reflection on “Amazing Grace” (new britain) Arr. Roger Ames SSATBB, Solos (sopr. and mezzo-sopr.), Piano (15-M) G5926 1.60
  • Christ, the Way of Life Bob Moore SATB • (4-E) G4942 1.30
  • Come, Brothers and Sisters (union) Arr. Daniel Meyer SATB (8-E) G4440 1.40
  • Come, Labor On (ora labora) T. Tertius Noble (arr. Richard K. Fitzgerald) SATB, Organ, opt. assembly (10-E/M) G6236 1.50
  • Duo Seraphim Jacobus (Gallus) Handl, ed. Richard Proulx Double SATB choir • (11-E) G4469 1.20
  • Easter Anthem Paul Inwood SSATB, Organ (11-M) G5819 1.40
  • Father, I Stretch My Hands to Thee (martyrdom; new britain) Hugh Wilson, arr. Carla Giomo SATB, Alto or Baritone Solo, Piano (10-E) G5837 1.40
  • God Loves All His Many People Arr. Alice Parker SSATB, Piano (10-M) G5695 1.40
  • Great Is Thy Faithfulness William Runyan, arr. Paul Caldwell, Sean Ivory Based on “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” and “My Faith Looks Up to Thee.” SSATB, Children’s Choir, Piano (26-M) G6097 1.90
  • Hail the Day That Sees Him Rise (middleton) Amos Bull, ed. Michael Silhavy SATB (4-E) G5330 1.30
  • He Gave Them Hailstones from Israel in Egypt Georg F. Handel, ed. James Jordan Double SATB Choir, Piano (21-M) G5928 1.80
  • Keyboard Edition G-5928-K 3.00
  • He Is King of Kings Arr. Alice Parker SAATB, Solo • (7-M) G4234 1.30
  • He Nevuh Said a Mumbalin’ Word Arr. Carla Giomo SATB, Alto or Baritone Solo, Piano (6-E) G5834 1.40
  • He’s Got the Whole World Arr. Alice Parker SAATB, Solo (10-E) G5696 1.40
  • How Holy This Feast Bob Moore SATB • (10-E/M) G4941 1.40
  • How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Allen Pote, ed. Pearl Shangkuan, John Witvliet SATB, Flute, Acc. (12-E) G5945 1.60
  • Hush! Arr. Alice Parker SATB • (7-E/M) G4233 1.30
  • Is There Anybody Here Arr. Alice Parker SAATBB, Solo • (4-E) G4236 1.20
  • It Is Good to Give Thanks Walter L. Pelz SATB, Acc. (13-E) G4496 1.40
  • Jesus Christ the Apple Tree Anthony Piccolo SAATTBB, Acc. (7-E) G4189 1.50
  • Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley Arr. John Reager SATB (4-E) G4447 1.30
  • Jubilate Deo W. Amadeus Mozart, ed. Richard Proulx SATB, Organ (5-E) G5418 1.30
  • Lazarus Robert Tanner SATB, Tenor Solo (7-E) G5851 1.40
  • Let in Joy This Easter Day Peter Niedmann Text by Gerard Manley Hopkins. SATB, Organ (9-E) G5630 1.40
  • Let Us Offer to the Father / Te Ofrecemos, Padre Nuestro from Misa Popular Nicaragüense (Span. & Eng.) Arr. Jorge A. Lockward SATB, Piano (11-E/M) G5939 1.50
  • Like a Whisper in the Heart Bob Moore SATB, Piano (9-E) G5231 1.40
  • Magnificat and Nunc dimittis: Two Canticles for Evensong John E. Hare SATB, Organ (23-E/M) G5479 1.70
  • Many Colors Paint the Rainbow Roy Hopp Text by Herman G. Stuempfle, Jr. SATB divisi, Piano (13-E) G5465 1.60
  • My God Is So High Arr. Courtney Carey SSAATTBB (7-M) G5896 1.40
  • My God! The Spring of All My Joys (tranquillity) Arr. Alice Parker SATB • (8-E/M) G5092 1.40
  • My Soul Is Anchored in the Lord Arr. Charles Garner SATB, Tenor Solo, Piano (15-E/M) G6137 1.60
  • Nobody Knows Arr. John L. Bell SATB, Solo • (5-E) G4544 1.30
  • Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen Arr. Gail B. Poch SSAATTBB (5-M) G5927 1.30
  • O Bless the Lord Giovanni Gabrieli, adapt. Wilbur Skeels A strikingly beautiful and prayerful setting of Psalm 103 for any Sunday or feast. Double SATB Choir • (18-M) G3657 1.60
  • O God beyond All Praising (thaxted) Gustav Holst, arr. Douglas E. Schoen Text by Michael Perry. SATB, Organ, 2 Horns in F (18-E) G5466 1.60
  • O God, beyond All Praising (thaxted) Gustav Holst, arr. Richard Proulx A majestic concertato. SATB, Asmbly, Acc, Opt. Brass Quintet, Timp. • (8-M) G3190 1.40
  • O God of Light (elstad) Richard K. Fitzgerald SATB, Organ (10-M) G5931 1.60
  • Panis angelicus César Franck, arr. Richard Proulx Tenor Solo, Organ, Harp, and Cello or Violin, Opt. SATB, String Quintet • (6-E) G5572 1.30
  • Plenty Good Room Arr. Dorothy Warrick Smith A great arrangement of a lesser-known spiritual. SATB, Solo • (5-E) G4252 1.30
  • Poor Little Jesus Arr. Anne Heider SSAATTBB (11-M) G5064 1.50
  • Psalm 100 (Jauchzet dem Herrn, alle Welt!) Felix Mendelssohn ed. James Jordan SSAATTBB (14-M) G5929 1.60
  • Rock-a My Soul Arr. Uzee Brown Jr. SSAATTBB with Soprano, Alto, and Bass Solos (7-M) G5749 1.30
  • Seek the Lord Arr. Glenn L. Jones SATB, Soprano Solo (7-E) G6025 1.40
  • Sing Aloud with Gladness (Exultate Deo) (Eng. & Lat.) Alessandro Scarlatti, ed. Robert McDowall) SATB (11-E) G5955 1.50
  • Sing Praises Old and New (murphy) Sally Ann Morris SATB, Asmbly, Brass Quintet, Timp, Organ (13-E) G5545 1.50
  • Some Day C. A. Tindley, arr. Nathan Carter SSAATTBB, Solo, Organ (15-M) G6023 1.60
  • Sometimes I Feel like a Motherless Chile Arr. Carla Giomo SATB, Piano (5-E) G5833 1.30
  • Soon I Will Be Done Arr. Carla Giomo SATB, Piano (9-E/M) G5836 1.40
  • Take Me to the Water Arr. Alice Parker SAATB • (6-M) G4238 1.30
  • Takwaba Uwabanga Yesu / There’s No One like Jesus / No hay nadie como Cristo (Chibemba, Eng., Span.) Arr. Ben Allaway Traditional Zambian. SATB, Asmbly, Percussion (10-M) G6098 1.40
  • The Shadows Are Falling Bud Wayne Bisbee SATB or 2 Mixed Voices or Duet, Solo, Oboe, Bassoon (or B< Clarinet or Viola), and Acc. or 2 Violins, Cello (9-E) G4095 1.20
  • Think about This Unique. Try this. SATB, Solo, Acc. (8-E) G4798 1.40
  • Three Spirituals Give Me Your Hand - In That Mornin’ - Rockin’ Jerusalem Arr. Joseph Joubert SATB (8-E) G5925 1.50
  • We Are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder Arr. Horace C. Boyer SATB, Piano (5-E) G5826 1.40
  • Were You There? Arr. Carla Giomo SATB, Descant, Asmbly, Opt. Piano (3-E) G5831 1.10
  • Whoever Chooses Music Harold Owen SATB (6-E) G5821 1.30
  • Witness Arr. Alice Parker SSAATB, Solo • (10-E) G4240 1.40
  • Ye Choirs of New Jerusalem Charles V. Stanford SATB, Acc. (8-E) G4188 1.50


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