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Robert Piercy is the catechetical consultant for GIA. Publications, Inc. He is a well-known author and lecturer to both adults and young children, a sought-after speaker on rites and rituals of the Catholic church. His experience as liturgist and musician in parishes throughout the U.S. makes his presentations and writings full of real-life experiences. His most current works from GIA are When Children Gather: 20 Eucharistic Services and 20 Prayer Services (with Vivian Williams); Walking by Faith (with David Haas); Celebrating Our Faith; Give Your Gifts I (with Linda Baltikas); and Give Your Gifts II (with Michael Schabert). Robert is now working with the new GIA children's hymnal, Singing Our Faith.


Music, Liturgy, and Catechesis
Develop prayer, music, and sound liturgical techniques when praying with children. Experience liturgical music that can also be used in catechetical settings.

Liturgies with Children

A primer workshop on eucharistic liturgies with children. Emphasis will be on the Directory for Masses with Children and the Introduction to the Liturgy for Masses with Children. Handouts and instruction on implementing and/or furthering the liturgical experiences of your parish, school, and catechetical programs.

So My Contract Says I Have to Teach Music
in Religious Education

A wonderful workshop on the integration of catechesis and liturgy. Look at how the music program of a parish can have a positive effect on the faith development of a community. Practical ideas, handouts, and music will be used.

Music, Catechesis, and Sacramental Preparation
A workshop for catechists, musicians, and parish staffs. This workshop will examine the sacraments and how a parish can holistically prepare for them. Look at examples of integrating parish music and ritual into the catechetical preparation for the sacraments of first eucharist, confirmation, and reconciliation.

Music and the Rites of Christian Initiation
As parishes around the country continue to experience and develop the rites of Christian initiation, this session will consider the options available for integrating music, movement, and language into the rites.

Walking by Faith

A kerygmatic approach to religious education that integrates ritual and music. This curriculum published by BROWN-ROA reclaims the tradition of catechesis. GIA has joined with BROWN-ROA in developing rituals and music specific to this program. This workshop brings liturgical musicians and catechists together in a creative catechetical program for grades K-6.

Movement, Gesture, and Posture in Prayer
A workshop for all parish ministers and the assembly at large. Based upon the postures of the assembly, experience ways of integrating movement with music and rediscover the beauty of processions.

Together with Denise LaGiglia, Bob is available for retreats and parish missions.

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