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After receiving bachelors and masters degrees in string bass performance from the Eastman School of Music and a second masters degree in education from Ohio University, Dr. Gordon attended the University of Iowa, where he earned a Ph.D. As a professor of music, he held the Carl E. Seashore Chair for Research in Music Education at Temple University, Philadelphia, where he was presented with both the Lindback and Great Teacher Awards. Prior to his association with Temple, Dr. Gordon taught at the University of Iowa and the State University of New York at Buffalo. At the University of Iowa, Dr. Gordon became General Editor of Studies in the Psychology of Music, and the school recently honored him with their Distinguished Alumni Award. Dr. Gordon was most recently inducted into the MENC Hall of Fame, and he is currently a professor of music at Michigan State University.

Dr. Gordon's five most well-known books are The Psychology of Music Teaching, Learning Sequences in Music, Introduction to Research and the Psychology of Music, Rhythm: Contrasting the Implications of Audiation and Notation, and A Music Learning Theory for Newborn and Young Children. He has also written more than a dozen monographs and is a co-author of the general music series Jump Right In: The Music Curriculum and Jump Right In: The Instrumental Series. Included among the seven standardized tests he developed are the Musical Aptitude Profile; the Primary, Intermediate, and Advanced Measure of Music Audiation; the Iowa Tests of Music Literacy; the Instrument Timbre Preference Test; and the Harmonic and Rhythm Improvisation Readiness Records.

Dr. Gordon's primary interests are research in the psychology of music, music aptitudes, music-learning theory, and audiation. He presents seminars and lectures throughout the world, most recently in Germany, Belgium, Korea, Poland, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Slovakia, England, Canada, and Hawaii. He also publishes widely in international research and professional journals.

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