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Gary Daigle's work as a composer, artist and producer of pastoral music continues to offer a wide range of musical, liturgical and pastoral experience to parish ministers and liturgical artists.

Gary's ease of performance and ability to compose attractive, singable lines are part of a musical evolution that includes a Bachelor of Music degree from Southeastern Louisiana University. His liturgical expertise received great impetus when he joined the program in liturgical studies in Arizona at the Corpus Christi Center for Liturgical Studies, the Southwestern epicenter for liturgical scholarship, which had been directed by John Gallen, SJ. At that time, Gary served as Director of Music Ministry at the Franciscan Renewal Center (The Casa - Scottsdale, AZ) After his work at the center, he moved on to other churches in Arizona, California, and Illinois. He is presently the Associate Director of Music at St. Anne Catholic Church in Barrington, IL.

His collaborations with composers such as The Dameans (Remember Your Love), Rory Cooney (Covenant Hymn), Marty Haugen and Ed Foley, Caphuchin (The Church Gathers and The Church Breaks Bread) and his activity on the national conference and workshop scene all indicate that Gary Daigle has continued to evolve and has continued to produce music that not only serves the American church on a regular basis, but that has helped shape the American church's aesthetic profile. His recent contribution has been as liturgical consultant and music editor of the catechetical series "Christ Jesus, The Way" published by Benziger Co.


Shaping Musical Liturgy
A workshop on the role of music in the prayer of the gathered community. Topics include the music minister, the role of the cantor, building an ensemble, music selection, the liturgical year, rites of initiation, the introductory rite, Liturgy of the Word, Liturgy of the Eucharist, Liturgy of the Hours.

The Instrumental Ensemble:
Creating a Foundation for the Assembly's Song

This workshop is designed for instrumentalists. Topics include the role of the ensemble, arranging music, preparing for rehearsal, teaching new music to the assembly, the interplay of musicians in the ensemble, creative strategies for what to do when you can't find a part.

The Church Gathers and The Church Breaks Bread
A new musical approach for the Gathering Rite and and the Communion Rite. This workshop is based on Gary's collaborative work with Marty Haugen. Experience the use of familiar musical phrases from familiar hymns and songs in a way that makes the assembly's response so natural they cannot help but sing from the heart. This use of liturgical music can shape the rites; can contribute to a greater understanding of the rites; and can help to create and support a unified, integrated, and collaborative effort between all who gather to worship.

Gary is willing to create a workshop to suit the needs of your worship office or parish.

Gary, Rory Cooney, and Theresa Donohoo are also available as a trio and would love to come for a weekend in your parish or diocese. A typical event might include a Friday night concert, and a Thursday night or Saturday workshop. Other schedules can be accommodated as well. Workshops are available on a wide range of topics suited to the needs of your local parish community and its ministers.

Workshop topics include:

  • Planning of Ritual Music for Sunday Eucharist

  • Triduum Celebrations

  • Rites of Initiation

  • Parish Adaptations of Morning and Evening Prayer

  • Skill Sessions for Vocal and Instrumental Ensembles

  • Reading Sessions

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